How to Supply on Scallop


Choose the asset you want to supply to the pools. You will earn Supply APY on the asset you supply.

Enter the amount you want to supply on your selected pools.

You will receive sCoin in return for the assets you supply.

You can stake these sCoins into sCoin Pools, allowing you to participate in the Incentive Program and earn rewards in the form of coins you can collect anytime.

You can harvest rewards from sCoin pools by pressing the Harvest All button.

To withdraw your assets from sCoin pools and Lending Pools, you can do so directly on the Lending Pools tab. Make sure to check the checklist button to enable the withdrawal of assets from both lending pools and sCoin pools.

If you want to supply and stake your sCoins into sCoin pools, you can check the checkbox so that your sCoins will be directly staked into the sCoin Pools.

Visit Lending and sCoins to get more information

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