Who is behind Scallop?

The Scallop Project Contributors currently consist of 7 core members who are solely focused on this project. The CEO and founder bring extensive experience in web application security, development, and crypto, having founded Scallop in early 2021 and expanded it to the Sui network in 2022. Under their leadership, the project contributors have achieved numerous milestones, such as receiving the first DeFi project award grants from the Sui Foundation and ranking high in various Hackathon and CTF challenges.

For more Scallop Project Contributor info please visit​ https://scallop.io/

Why do I need to pay more than my debt?

In the example above, if you have debts of 0.97 and 0.98, when repaying these debts, we'll add a 1% charge from your account to ensure full debt clearance. Any excess from this 1% charge, after the debt is settled, will be refunded to you. This 1% is not kept by us; it's merely a precaution to guarantee that all debts are fully repaid, and it will be returned to you after repayment.

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