How to join?

1. Buy SOL or other SPL token.

You can jump to 3. if you already have SOL and a Solana wallet.
These are some famous and trustable centralized exchanges in the world, you can use your credit card or some other ways to buy SOL or other cryptocurrencies, Scallop now only supports Solana chain so if you are going to use other tokens like USDC, USDT, etc., please make sure the exchanges support Solana (SPL tokens) version of it, or you can use some great Solana app such as Aldrin, Jupiter to swap your tokens after you send it to your Solana wallet.

2. Install Phantom

You can jump to 3. if you already have a Solana wallet.
Download Phantom Wallet: for your browser.
Phantom Wallet
Let’s create a new wallet.
#1 Create a password.
This password is for this browser, in case bad guys steal your tokens by stealing your laptop, or use it without asking, etc.
Save your mnemonic.
Do not let anybody know your mnemonic, save it safely. (Best Ways to Store Your Mnemonic Passphrase and How)
Now you can copy your Solana address and send your SOL to your wallet!

3. Visit Scallop

Visit Scallop App:
and “Connect wallet”, Chose “Phantom”.
Key in the password at #1, and click “Connect”.
Let’s try to join Scallop Protocol!
Click the “Deposit” button on the Scallop SOL Solend Lending Pool.
Let’s try to deposit some SOL into Solend lending pool.
Click “Approve” on the Phantom wallet to approve this transaction.
The Transaction Signature pop-out means you did it successfully!
Scallop has a unique dashboard called Scallop Tank to show both joining status and its native on-chain collectibles called Scallop Decorations, it’s like a fish tank NFTs collection cabinet, we hope it can make Scallop become a good Defi + NFTs project design sample.
The deposit amount changing during the round will make you can’t be the winner in 24 hrs.
You can check the latest and the history of winners on the winner page.
And if you win you can claim the prize here.