Scallop Decorations on Solana

Seagrass Decorations🌱:

Seagrass can reach heights of 200 feet (60m), which is as tall as a 20-story building🏢.
Address: SeawdHf3NHG6gxCrezQxr5oJAHTLJd6JsQxxd144yaz Serum Market id: HY8f1hFK1EvhDymSNhtogVxHy5oMyxy5d5CGwpuYuV5S Symbol: Seagrass Name: Scallop Seagrass Decorations Decimals: 0 Max Supply: 10000 (Tentative) Rarity: ★✰✰✰✰

Urchin Decorations

Urchin lives on the seabed of every ocean and inhabits every depth zone, the closest echinoderm relatives are the sea cucumbers. Urchin is popular in aquariums, where they are useful for controlling algae. Fossil urchins have been used as protective amulets.
Address: uchinWHVk4SWcGbhyXiurqAAFXTdC7cRvxNofYMPsy3 Symbol: Urchin Name: Scallop Urchin Decorations Decimals: 0 Current Supply: ? Rarity: ★★✰✰✰

Moray Decorations 🐍

Moray eels have two jawbones, after finding the target, the eel will bite it and the second jaw will jump out of the throat, and then drag the food into their stomach 💀!
Address: MoraycScyx4PNYbecRjnw3qXiC6syZkQRH9PoWUoioL Symbol: Moray Name: Scallop Moray Decorations Decimals: 0 Current Supply: ? Rarity: ★★★✰✰

Nautilus Decorations

Nautilus survive for hundreds of millions of years and is one of the most well-known living fossils. The first submarine is also named Nautilus because the structure of the nautilus inspired human submarine design.
Address: nUtLSXpe1pqyYjKx9t8R1iJYDqFPuee8nRUcVqXNimR Symbol: Nautilus Name: Scallop Nautilus Decorations Decimals: 0 Current Supply: ? Rarity: ★★★★✰

Fossil Decorations 🗿:

There were archaeologists found Scallop fossils on Mount Everest🏔!
Address: FossiLkXJZ1rePN8jWBqHDZZ3F7ET8p1dRGhYKHbQcZR Serum Market ID: NF5PoXovc9wpWMPMrGeCQSmJRAEEUFCR3UZGVHTonf9 Symbol: Fossil Name: Scallop Fossil Decorations Decimals: 0 Max Supply: 400 (Fixed) Rarity: ★★★★★