Who is behind Scallop?

The Scallop Project Contributors currently consist of 7 full-time members who are solely focused on this project. The CEO and founder bring extensive experience in web application security, development, and crypto, having founded Scallop in early 2021 and expanded it to the Sui network in 2022. Under their leadership, the project contributors have achieved numerous milestones, such as receiving the first DeFi project award grants from the Sui Foundation and ranking high in various Hackathon and CTF challenges.
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Does Scallop charge any fees?

Scallop has no Borrowing Fees, but there are some costs that can't be avoided while using Scallop.

Oracle Fees

We have added an extra layer of security for the oracle (the oracle responsible for price provider), as a tradeoff you need to pay an additional fee to fetch from multiple-oracle.

Sui Network Fees

At present, Scallop does not impose any additional fees on your transactions. Only the minimal transaction fees associated with the Sui network are necessary for processing your transactions on Scallop. These Sui transaction fees are deducted from your wallet when your transaction is executed.