About Scallop 🦪🍴
The leading no-loss protocol on Solana, maximize the potential yield with no principal loss.

What is Scallop?

Scallop is the leading no-loss protocol in Solana ecosystem, Scallop uses DeFi technology to do the premium bonds in traditional finance, users can deposit/withdraw tokens on our on-chain program asset pool, and our on-chain program will use lending, staking, and stable pool liquidity mining protocol to earn the yield, and call the on-chain verifiable random function every day to pick a winner in each pool to get all of the yields, and other yields will keep in the Scallop treasury and will be governance by the community.
Scallop has a user dashboard called Scallop Tank and on-chain collectibles called Scallop Decorations, Scallop Decorations will show up in Scallop Tank and interact with Scallop protocol, these features make Scallop become a unique DeFi protocol.
The Scallop team has 4 core members and most of them are in Taiwan, they've joined many Solana hackathons and did well in the Asia division. In Solana Ignition Asia, they got the highest community vote in over 40 projects. Scallop launched their Devnet beta in April 2022, and the Mainnet is online in August 2022.
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